Sunday 29th March, 2020.
Hope you are all keeping safe Reception Class and looking out for everyone at home. 
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Welcome to the Reception Class of 2019-20
Miss Diplock, Mrs Dray, Mrs Guest, Mrs Rayner and Mrs Minshull welcomed the Reception class children to school from Friday 6th September 2019.
Please check back here regularly to see what we have been doing and learning.
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Welcome to our Reception Class
Congratulations for completing your first week at big school, you are settling in to new school routines amazingly well. Our first topic is 'All About Me' and we have all been busy getting to know each other and establishing new class rules and boundaries. The children will bring home an 'All About Me Bag' at the end of this week which they can place some special objects inside. Children will take turns over the week to show their special objects to the class and talk about them to help us get to know you even more. This activity will also help our speaking and listening skills.
Our First Day
Meeting the Year 6 Buddies
Our Year 6 buddies came to meet us in the classroom and we had some time to play together on our first day. At lunchtime, they helped us to choose our lunch, collect our cutlery and carry our trays in the hall. After that, they looked after us when we played together outside.
Here is some information on how to help keep your child safer online. 
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Wake and Shake
We take part in 'Wake and Shake' every morning after the register to wake us up and get our bodies moving. It also helps to switch on our brains too! We talk about the effects of exercise on our bodies and our arms and hands always feel so much warmer after. 
Pre-Visit to St Andrew's Church in Isleham
On Tuesday 1st October we walked to our local church to meet Reverend David who gave us a tour of 'God's House'. We took some photos to show you what we saw and spoke about. A big thank you to the parent volunteers that walked with us.
This trip helped to prepare us for the Harvest Service on Friday 4th October. We look forward to seeing you all there.
Harvest Service
Swayne and Partners Vet Visit
A vet and a veterinary nurse kindly came to visit us at school today to talk about pets.
The children identified many different photos of pets and talked about safety around dogs. We looked at photos of dogs who were showing their teeth and dogs who looked frightened and talked about whether or not it was safe to approach them. The children were told that they must ask the owner of the dog first, before touching it to check that it is safe. The nurse taught us what to do if a dog runs up to us. Remember to ask your child to show you.
The children were then given the opportunity to meet and stroke a yellow Labrador called Star and two rabbits. We listened to Star's heartbeat using a stethoscope and found out lots of interesting facts about each animal. 
Autumn Term 2
Our Cool World

The second half of this term will focus on the wider world during the topic ’Our Cool World’. Children will learn about different festivals and celebrations in the run up to Christmas and find out about other countries and cultures along the way.


We will finish the term learning about how Christmas is celebrated by Christians and perform a traditional Christmas Nativity for the school and parents. Please see the weekly school newsletters for more reminders about school dates and events. 


Our first week back will focus on Bonfire Night. The children will find out about Guy Fawkes and his plot many years ago. They will find out how to stay safe around fireworks and create their own firework artwork using a variety of media.

The children found out about other cultures and beliefs when learning about Diwali. They watched video clips on CBeebies to find out how a young girl called Jessica celebrates Diwali at home. The children acted out the story of Prince Rama and Princess Sita and loved trying on the traditional clothes.
They created their own rangoli patterns in colourful sand/chalk or coloured in templates. Used clay to mould and shape their own diva lamp which they painted once dry.
Everyone took part in some Indian dancing and food tasting. Children communicated with each other when completing surveys to find out the most popular Indian food and even wrote their own Indian food shopping list by labelling the foods they had tried.
We found out about The Pilgrim's First Thanksgiving and thought about what we are thankful for in our own lives. The children drew pictures and had a go at writing labels on their pumpkins to hang on our Thanksgiving Tree in the classroom. We created story telling bracelets using different coloured beads to help us remember the different parts of the story. In maths, we set up an American shop and paid using American Dollars. The children chose one item to purchase then had to add one more dollar for the cost of a bag. Some children were instantly able to recall the number one more than a given number. It was great to see some children using the number track to support them in finding the number one more. The children also loved re-creating the repetitive red, blue colour pattern when painting the flag for the United States of America.  
The Leopard's Drum
We spent one week learning about the Asante Tale from Western Africa. The children participated in some wonderful African drumming and practised tapping repetitive rhythms.
Chinese New Year
Although a little premature, we invited a parent in during our topic to talk about how they celebrate Chinese New Year at home. It was ever so interesting finding out about other cultures, looking at photographs and traditional clothing.
The Nativity
Reception acted out the story on the stage for the school, parents and families. Not only did they have to remember when to go on stage; they had to remember what to do, where to stand and what to say in front of everyone. They did a fabulous job and should feel very proud.
Christmas Topic
The focus for our advent calendar this year has been problem solving in maths. The children are learning to work together as a team to solve one Christmas themed maths problem a day. Here are some other examples of Christmas themed literacy and maths activities from our classroom.
Spring Term 1
Our new topic after the Christmas holidays will be 'Superheroes and Villains'. The topic will begin by finding out about real people who help us in our own lives before moving on to explore fantasy superheroes.
Firefighter Visit
Newmarket Fire Service came to visit us at school this week. We had great fun finding out about their jobs that they do. They showed us their special uniform and equipment.
Luckily, they didn't get called out on an emergency and we were able to have a look inside the fire appliance. We saw so many different pieces of equipment and the children found it very interesting. I think it was the highlight of their week!
They created some beautiful writing labelling different parts of the appliance and wrote some wonderful sentences too.

Safer Internet Day: On Tuesday 11th February Mr Walker will mark Safer Internet Day with an assembly for the children of Key Stage 1.  In 2020, Safer Internet Day in the UK will encourage young people to explore how they manage their online identity, and how the internet shapes how they think of themselves and others.


Free to be me: exploring identity online


We want Safer Internet Day 2020 to celebrate difference and help us work towards creating a truly inclusive internet. The campaign will focus on what makes up your online identity – such as the facts or characteristics about you, how others perceive and interact with you, as well as how online services identify you. It will also look at how offline stereotypes and discrimination are challenged or reinforced online.

Feel free to look through the resources below.

Police Visit 

Huntingdon Police Service came to visit us at school in the final week in January. We had great fun finding out about the jobs that they do. They showed us their special uniform and equipment.

We saw so many different pieces of equipment, including the handcuffs, spike strip, breathalyser and truncheon. Both the adults and children found it interesting. It was a very exciting end to the week.

 Online Safety for Parents

It can be hard to know how to talk to your child about online safety. From setting up parental controls to advice on sexting, online games and video apps, the NSPCC can help you to understand the risks and keep your child safe. Follow the link below.

World Book Day 2020
We had some amazing costumes in Reception. Wow!! Thank you to everyone who helped make it a special day.