2019-20 YEAR 1

Our first topic this term will be Incredible Inventors. This topic will include our Geography, History, Science and Design Technology learning and will link to our writing.
In history we have begun to look at what an invention is and how some inventions changed our daily lives. We will look at some exciting significant people and their inventions.
We will be writing descriptions of things we would like to invent, writing lists of materials we need, writing factually about historical inventors and retelling a traditional tale all about materials.
Below are some photos of a Science and Geography trail we went on, hunting for materials around school. In Science, we have been exploring materials and finding out about their properties. We are moving on to investigate the best materials for making umbrellas and houses.
We will be exploring the school, using directions to find our way around and mapping the things we find and the materials they are made from.
Below are photos of our first lesson tasting ingredients for our Design and Technology topic all about healthy breakfasts and getting your five-a-day. Next we will design a breakfast product. We will practice skills in peeling, chopping and mixing to create breakfast pots and then evaluate our creations.
In art we have been learning about portraits and creating some of our own. We have made realistic pencil portraits inspired by our inventor that week, Leonardo Da Vinci, abstract portraits and some with fruit for facial features, after our fruity afternoon tasting! Below we are working on watercolour backgrounds for our next portrait task.
Here is some information on how to help keep your child safer online. The 'sharing pictures' video can be found on the ThinkUKnow website.
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