2019-20 YEAR 2

Sunday 29th March, 2020.
Hope you are all keeping safe, Year 2, and looking out for everyone at home. 
Today, you should receive information about how to join the ClassDojo learning platform. It will be great to connect with you all directly again!
 Welcome to the Year 2 Class of 2019-20
Miss Stanley and the Year 2 team welcome you all back to school!
Keep checking this page for updates on our exciting learning and photos of our fantastic work.
PE days are Monday and Wednesday
PE kits should always be in school from the Monday to Friday. 

Please also ensure that hair past the shoulders is tied up and earrings are removed.

Autumn Term

Our topic for the first half of the Autumn term will be focussed on us becoming time detectives, learning about changes over time.We will be exploring local, national and global maps, developing our understanding of navigating using an atlas to find countries, continents and oceans. We will also be making our own maps to navigate! This will help us investigate changes in our local area observing changes in human and physical features.

In English we have been learning about Traditional Tales. We learnt about the features of fairy tales and used this to retell the story of Little Red Riding Hood. Next, we focussed on writing in first person and diaries. We wrote fantastic diaries from Grandma's point of view when the wolf came to eat her! 
This week we recieved an email from the wolf. He told us the story from his point of view. We were shocked!
In Science we have been learning all about materials and how they are suiable for the object. We have discussed the properties and learnt what transparent and opaque mean! We also discovered that one object may be made from more than one material. 
Next we are going to experiment about how to protect eggs using a suitable material. 
In Art we are studying Piet Mondrian. His art explored how colour and line worked together. We found out he only used primary colours with black and white. He drew straight lines which went horizontally or vertically. We explored our feelings on his art and experimented with the method and colours. 
In DT we are going to be making fabric bunting! We looked at existing products to help children learn their numbers and said what we liked, disliked and could improve. We used this to make a board of ideas to inspire our designs. 
In RE we are exloring who made the world and how it was created. We have thought of what we could say to the Creator about our world and sequenced the creation story. We are also going to write prayers thanking God for harvest time. 
In PSHE we are learning about friendships and how to manage these. This learning is helping us with out PE lessons where we are doing freinship dances.
Here is some information on how to help keep your child safer online. The video 'playing games' can be found on the ThinkUKnow website.
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In Science we are continuing our learning about the uses of everyday materials including wood, plastic, metal and paper. We really enjoyed comparing the suitability of materials in our 'Egg Drop Challenge'. We made devices to protect an egg using suitable materials and we dropped them from 1 and a half meters onto the floor. Most of us managed to protect our egg :) 
In English this week we planned some questions for Mr Patterson to answer. Mr Patterson kindly came in and taught us many facts which we are going to use in our writing next week. We used our simple sketch maps of Isleham to then plan the shortest route to look at the historical human fearures in Isleham. We thoroughly enjoyed our walk on Friday despite the weather! We also behaved very well!
Last week we enjoyed painting our textured Piet Mondrian art. Here are some photos of us with our art. 
In our DT lessons we were given a design brief to create bunting to help young children learn numbers. We evaluated existing products and planned our own based on this. This week we used our designs to add the decoration to the bunting. We decided glue would be the best way to join the fabrics. In a future lesson we are going to sew it to form our line of bunting.  
We have been learning all about the history of toys. We made some Victorian toys and used this experience to write some instructions telling someone how to make them!
We have been having great fun in the lead up to Christmas beginning with our Christmas craft day. We were very lucky to have some fantastic parent helpers come in so thank you very much! Here are some photos from our day. 
We have some penpals at another school. We thought we would send them a Christmas card and penpal letter. Hopefully we will recieve some replies very soon! We have told them about our school and how we celebrate Christmas.  
Spring Term
Welcome back to the Spring term. I hope you all had a magical Christmas and the Year 2 team wish you a happy New Year! 
We had a wonderful lead up to Christmas in school and will have a fabulous start to our new term.
Our new topic is 'Sensational Safari'. We will be journeying to Africa to discover the geography of Kenya through focusing on the main human and physical features of the country. Then we will learn about the key geographical features of the country including Kenyan wildlife, landscapes and culture. Children will learn about the similarities and differences between Kenya and the UK along with continuing to develop their geographical skills through a variety of fun and interactive activities.
PE will usually take place on a Monday and Tuesday. However, please make sure PE kits are in all week in case of timetable changes.
Please ensure your child has a water bottle at school and that all school clothes are named clearly. 
In Design and Technology we have started to learn about moving pictures. We started by learning about sliders and looked at some examples in some books. We then tried to make our own linked to our African topic! 
We have really enjoyed learning about the skill of weaving in our art lessons. We started with paper weaving and have now started some wool weaving. Keep checking back here for our photos!
In English we have written Kenning poems about an African animal of our choice. We then read them to our partner using intonation in our voices. 

Safer Internet Day: On Tuesday 11th February Mr Walker will mark Safer Internet Day with an assembly for the children of Key Stage 1.   In 2020, Safer Internet Day in the UK will encourage young people to explore how they manage their online identity, and how the internet shapes how they think of themselves and others.


Free to be me: exploring identity online


We want Safer Internet Day 2020 to celebrate difference and help us work towards creating a truly inclusive internet. The campaign will focus on what makes up your online identity – such as the facts or characteristics about you, how others perceive and interact with you, as well as how online services identify you. It will also look at how offline stereotypes and discrimination are challenged or reinforced online.

Feel free to look through the resources below.

Online Safety for Parents

It can be hard to know how to talk to your child about online safety. From setting up parental controls to advice on sexting, online games and video apps, the NSPCC can help you to understand the risks and keep your child safe. Follow the link below.

In art we have just completed some African batik designs. We discovered that we needed to press harder with the wax resist sticks so it resists the dye. We also learnt that darker dyes work better such as red or orange. 
In our Science lessons we have been looking at living things and their habitats. We discovered we had some habitats at school and found a worm in a microhabitat. We recorded what we found for our Sceince books. 
In our golden time sessions we have been having lots of fun. We brought in teddies to play with, have played games, danced and recently decorated some delicious pancakes with lots of naughty treats!! 
We refreshed our memory of non-fcition texts and created a checklist to use. We used this to spot some features in some dinosaur texts. We learnt some interesting facts such as the word dinosaur means terrifying lizard.
Big thank you to everyone who came to our class cafe! We had a lot of fun showing you our learning and teaching you our division method. 
Here are some photos of our World Book Day. We had a lovely day. We designed new book covers, wrote our or Day the Crayons Quit letters and enjoyed seeing everybodies creative costumes. Thank you to all your hard work at home making the amazing outfits.