2019-20 YEAR 3

Welcome to the Year 3 Class of 2019-20
Roman Britain
Mr Walker and Year 3 are enjoying learning about Roman Britain. We have discussed why the Romans left the hot country to invade this damp little island. We have also looked at the description of Boudicca by the Roman historian Cassius Dio. Year 3 think it is probably not trust worthy since he never actually met Boudicca.
Find out more about Boudica by listening to the fantastic Horrible Histories song from the BBC below.
Design Technology
We have begun following simple instructions to create simple lollypop catapults. We tested them out on the playground by firing different things. Watch the simple video below to help you make your own. Come back soon to see our more challenging catapult.
We have been looking at mosaics as part of our art. We have designed and created our own simple mosaics using squares and foam tiles. Take a look at some of our work. Year 3 have also looked at the work of architect Antoni Gaudi. We were captivated with his mosaics in the Park Guell. Watch the short video below to see some of his amazing architecture.
Young Voices
Thanks to the hard work of Mrs Tait the whole of KS2 have been given the chance to sing at the O2 Arena in February. To assist with our mission to provide a musical experience for children that will inspire a love of music and that they will remember for the rest of their lives - Young Voices selects guest artists to take part in our concerts. Young Voices has been going to The O2 Arena in London since it opened 12 years ago! The O2 Arena is the world's busiest music arena, even surpassing New York City's Madison Square Garden. As such, Year 3 have begun to learn a variety of different songs from 'Calamity Jane' to 'Ghostbusters.' Whether they are going to London or not Year 3 are enjoying learning the songs together. Please find the first medley song below to rehearse at home if you wish. We have been rehearsing the first two musical excerpts.
Here are the lyrics for the Frightfest medley. We have begun to learn the first two parts.
Year 3 have been feeling the force of magnets. We have carried out simple investigations to see if all magnets are the same strength, if all metals are magnetic or which materials will attract a magnet.
In PE we have be looking at moving around in different ways. In pairs we tried creating circular movements and link them together with moving towards and away from a partner. Here are some of movements we came up with.
In year 3 we have been building on the children's knowledge of Scratch Jr to write code to make a sprite do different things using Pyonkee (Scratch on the ipad). To help us we visited the Code.org website to help us make an angry bird catch a revolting green pig. Year 3 loved it. Follow the link below to try it out yourself.
We have been using scratch cards to program sprites to do different actions. Try following the instructions in the pdf file below.
Year 3 have begun to explore Scratch 3.0. Take a look at the short video from Barefoot Computing about the features of Scratch 3.0.
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E-safety in Year 3
We love technology in Year 3 but we also know we need to keep ourselves safe and use it responsibly. Here are some of the resources we have been using in class. Take a look. 
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Save the date! #SaferInternetDay is on Tuesday 11th February 2020! Have a look at 2019s trailer to give you an idea of the things we cover in school.
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