2020-21 Reception

Miss Simmons, Mrs Dray, Mrs Guest & Mrs Minshull welcome you to
the Reception Class of 2020.
Please check back here regularly for news
of what is happening in Reception Class this term.
(Miss Diplock also says hello- she is currently on maternity leave until 2021!)
A 'Back to School' Parents' Guide explaining the school's new routines and protocols from September 2020 can be found here:-
Please note that as there will be family visits taking place on the 3rd, 4th and 7th September at individual appointment times, the Reception class will not be enjoying their first full day in school until Tuesday 8th September. We look forward to seeing you for your pre-booked family visit to school.
Welcome to Reception 2020-2021
Miss Simmons, Mrs Dray, Mrs Guest and Mrs Minshull welcomed the class to school from Tuesday 8th September 2020.
 Check back here regularly to see what we have been doing and learning.
Please scroll to the bottom for the most recent news. 
Congratulations on completing your first few days at school, you are settling into school routines amazingly well. Our first topic is 'all about me'. We have been busy getting to know each other and learning school boundaries and routines. 

Jarvis Visit

Mrs Deacon kindly brought her pet dog Jarvis in to visit the class. She talked about how to keep ourselves safe around dogs and how she cares for Jarvis. Highlighting the importance of walking him daily, feeding and grooming him. The children were then given the opportunity to ask any questions and stroke Jarvis.


Autumn Term 2- Our Cool World

The second half of this term will focus on the wider world during the topic ‘Our Cool World’. The children will learn about different festivals and celebrations in the run up to Christmas and find out about other countries and cultures along the way. We will finish the term by learning about how Christmas is celebrated by Christians and perform a Traditional nativity for parents to watch the recording of.

Bonfire night

Our First week back focussed on Bonfire Night. Where the children explored the idea of Guy Fawkes and his plot. They found out how to stay safe around fireworks and used media to create lots of different firework art pieces.


The children found out about other cultures and beliefs when learning about Diwali. They watched a video about a young girl called ‘Jess’ who celebrates Diwali in her home. The children acted out the story of Rama and Sita and enjoyed trying on the traditional clothing. We created Rangoli patterns using sand, chalk and rice. We used clay to shape and mould our very own diva lamps to light the path home.

Finally, we took part in Indian dancing and had an opportunity to taste Indian foods.

The Leopards Drum

Our week focussed on a West African Tale, where the children created some beautiful written pieces based on the animals from within the story. We thoroughly enjoyed keeping a beat in a drumming activity.