2019-20 YEAR 6

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Tuesday 25th February, 2020. (5pm-8pm)
Parents' Evening 2
Tuesday 31st March, 2020. (from 9:00am)
Year 6 Class Cafe
Thursday 2nd April, 2020. 
Last day of Spring Term!
Tuesdays - Indoor P.E. kit 
Thursdays - Outdoor P.E. kit 
September, 2019. 
The Year 6 pupils look so smart around school in their new hoodies! 
September, 2019.
Helping Reception buddies with their first lunch was a task the Year 6 pupils took with great responsibility. 
18th - 20th September, 2019. 
The Year 6 Residential Trip to Thorpe Woodlands was a huge success!
The food, activities and weather were tremendous and everyone should feel very proud of the personal goals they met!
Here is some information on how to help keep your child safer online. The following weblinks from the ThinkUKnow website has helpful advice for 11 to 13 years olds.
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9th October, 2019.
What a great day we had at the STEM Challenge at SVC. Well done to everyone for showing excellent teamwork and sportsmanship and congratulations to the pupils who were presented with certificates for 'Closest landing to Soham' and 'Best explanations of the principles of flight'. 
Friday 18th October, 2019. 
Our Marble Mazes were at last ready to test with our YR Buddies. They seemed very impressed with our DT project and couldn't believe that the mazes had been made personally for them! 
Friday 15th November, 2019. 
In Computing we are using i-pads and microbits. In our first lesson we learned how to pair our microbit and had a go at coding a 'flashing heart'. Thanks to Mr Walker for setting up all the new equipment and for getting us started. We look forward to seeing what else the microbits can do! 
Monday 25th November, 2019. 
What a fantastic WWII trip we had today thanks to Ely Museum.
In the morning we moved round a carousel of activities involving food rationing, 'make do and mend' and toy making. 
For lunch, pupils really got into character by bringing a war-time lunch in brown paper packaging. 
In the afternoon, drama brought characters to life helping us to imagine what it would have been like using gas masks, following air-raid sirens and being evacuated. 
We were thrilled to meet teachers and pupils from the Jewish School in London. During the war, pupils from the school were evacuated to Ely and the surrounding villages, including Isleham. It is amazing to think our great-grandparents may have even known each other! 
Friday 6th December, 2019.
Well done to everyone for the fantastic class assembly. The ukulele pieces sounded so in sync and professional and the WWII drama really showed off just how much you have all learned in our topic. Many parents commented on the beautiful singing - especially 'The White Cliffs of Dover'. 
Friday 6th December, 2019.
After discovering how sticky fresh clay can be, we finally managed to pound it to form a clay tile.
Using a variety of tools and black and white photos of birds as a stimulus, we produced the following.
Hope you like them. 
Monday 9th December, 2019.
Our coding in computing lessons is becoming more advanced as we are now able to code our micro-bits to move and light up a robo-bit! 
Wednesday 11th December, 2019.
Thanks to Maria Sampson who visited us today to share her immigration story. As part of our 'Community and Diversity' unit in PSHE, it was great to hear a first-hand account as Maria told us about her move from Macedonia to England. 
Friday 20th December, 2019.
Who knew printing took such a long time! We now have a much greater appreciation for artists who use this type of media. 
Thankfully, the wait was worth it. We hope you also like our finished products! 
Thursday 9th January, 2020. 
Thanks to Norwich City Canaries who came into school today to run a fun, interactive assembly followed by energetic workshops to improve our football skills. 
Week Beginning 27.1.20
This week in DT we were making salsa and guacamole. If you'd like to make them at home, here are the recipes:
- 250g fresh tomatoes diced
- 1 spring onion finely chopped
- bunch of coriander finely chopped
- juice of 1/2 a lime
Step 1: Cut the tomatoes in half, then quarters. Remove the seeds. Dice the remaining tomato and add to a bowl. 
Step 2: Use kitchen scissors to finely chop the spring onion. Add to the tomatoes. 
Step 3: Use kitchen scissors to finely chop the coriander. Add to the tomatoes. 
Step 4: Use a fork to extract the lime juice and add to the bowl. 
Step 5: Mix all the ingredients together. 
Step 6: Enjoy eating! 
- 2 ripe avocados (remove stone and skin then slice, dice and mash fruit with a fork in a bowl)
- 1/2 red onion sliced and very finely diced
- 1 tomato de-seeded, sliced and finely diced
- a small bunch of coriander finely chopped
- 1 lime - extract juice with a fork
Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl and enjoy eating as a dip :) 
Tuesday 4th February, 2020!
The date we had all been looking forward to finally arrived. And it was well worth the wait! 
The Young Voice's concert was an absolutely amazing experience.
Well done for learning all the songs and dance moves and for keeping your energy levels going all day! 
Thanks so much to all the parents who came along to support us in the audience - it was a night to remember. 

Safer Internet Day: On Wednesday 12th February Mr Walker will mark Safer Internet Day with an assembly for the children of Key Stage 2.   In 2020, Safer Internet Day in the UK will encourage young people to explore how they manage their online identity, and how the internet shapes how they think of themselves and others.


Free to be me: exploring identity online


We want Safer Internet Day 2020 to celebrate difference and help us work towards creating a truly inclusive internet. The campaign will focus on what makes up your online identity – such as the facts or characteristics about you, how others perceive and interact with you, as well as how online services identify you. It will also look at how offline stereotypes and discrimination are challenged or reinforced online.

Feel free to look through the resources below.

Tuesday 11th February, 2020.
It's truly impressive to see just how much your vaulting skills in indoor P.E. have improved. 
Hope you enjoy watching the videos of your work. 
Friday 14th February, 2020.
For our last ukulele lesson, we decided to put on a performance for parents, Year R buddies and the Year 5 pupils who will be learning the ukulele next year. 
As well as strumming chords, pupils showcased their finger-picking abilities and more complex rhythms including pats. 
Thanks to Mr Wright for all the lessons in Autumn and Spring 1. A number of Year 6 pupils have been inspired to pursue the instrument even further!