House Day 2016- creating values displays for the classrooms

10th October 2016

On Monday 10th October, we held a 'House day'. The children met up in mixed age-group house teams to create some group art projects to present our Christian values at Isleham C of E Primary School.

The children in their house teams found out about and created a range of icons and symbols from the Christian faith- including crosses, crowns, doves, butterflies, triangles, fish and anchors, and found ways of depicting on their designs and sculptures all of the 12 school values we learn about and aim to demonstrate in our school: compassion, courage, forgiveness, friendship, generosity, justice, perseverance, respect, service, thankfulness, trust and truthfulness.

In addition, the children enjoyed a workshop in the hall, in which they were encouraged to reflect and explore a range of sight and sound activities, reading and writing prayers of thanks in the light tents, making prayer chains, watching the fizzing vitamin tablets and glitter in water, listening to reflective music, and moving the prayer stones and marbles.

The children have also created some wonderful plans for the outside reflection area and some superb artwork. Come and see our finished work in the classrooms!