Meet the Staff

Staffing arrangements from September 2018

Teaching Staff

Mrs Skillern - Headteacher

Mrs Deacon  - Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Barber, Mrs Deacon, Miss Diplock, Ms Sassoli, Mrs Sikyta, Mrs Skillern, Mr Walker, Mrs Dennis- Senior Leadership Team

Reception  Class

Class Teacher:  Miss Diplock

Teaching Assistants:  Mrs Dray & Mrs Guest
Year 1
Class Teacher:  Ms Abineri
Teaching Assistants: Mrs White & Mrs Broyles
Year 2
Class Teacher:  Miss Stanley
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Wright
Year 3
Class Teacher:  Mr Walker
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Dunsmuir
Year 4
Class Teacher:  Ms Sassoli (maternity leave from 24.5.9), Mrs Bottomley (from 3.6.19) & Mrs Airey 
Teaching Assistants:  Mrs Guest, Mrs Dalton-Cole & Mrs Broyles
Year 5
Class Teacher:  Mrs Deacon & Mrs Gibbs
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Rayner (HLTA), Mrs Dalton-Cole, Mrs Goldsack, Mrs Broyles
Year 6
Class Teacher:  Mrs Tait
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Dalton-Cole
Mrs Sikyta 
MFL (French)
Mrs Barber

PPA time will be covered by Mrs Skillern, Mrs Barber, Mrs Rayner & Mr Stevens

Office support staff include
School Administrator
Mrs Barrett to 30.4.19, Mrs Dunbavin from 1.5.19
Office Assistant
Mrs Burton
Finance Manager
Mrs Dennis
Mid day staff
Mid day coordinator: Mrs Drayton
Mid day supervisors - Mrs Dalton-Cole, Mrs Wright, Mrs Dray, Mrs Goldsack, Mrs White, Mrs Dunsmuir and Mrs Guest 
Caretaking and Cleaning staff
Mr.  Patterson - Caretaker
Mrs Drayton, Mr. Drayton & Mrs Steadman from 20.5.19
Breakfast Club staff
Mrs Goldsack- Breakfast Club coordinator
Mrs Drayton, Mrs White, Mrs Dalton-Cole- Breakfast Club assistants