Miss Diplock's 2018-19 Reception Class

Welcome to the Reception Class 2018-19 with Miss Diplock, Mrs Dray & Mrs Guest.
We are looking forward to visiting all of the new Reception Class children in their homes on Tuesday 4th September, Wednesday 5th September or Thursday 6th September at the booked times.
Our first full day in reception Class will be on Friday 7th September. We look forward to seeing you then.
Check back here regularly to find out what is happening in Reception Class this term.
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Welcome to our Reception Class
We hope you all had a great summer and looking forward to starting school. The classroom is all ready for you and the peg labels are up. Can you remember what animal you chose for your peg? Mrs Dray, Mrs Guest and I will spend the first few days back coming to visit you all at home. We have some photos of the classroom to show you and perhaps you could pick out one of your favourite toys to show us.
Our first topic is 'All About Me' and we will be busy getting to know each other and establishing new class rules and boundaries. We will take lots of photos of the children playing on their first day so make sure you come back regularly to check our class page.
Our First Day
We took lots of photos to show you how much fun we had on our first day. We hope you liked the handprints we sent home.
All About Me
Our first topic at school will help us get to know each other. The children will bring in 'All About Me' bags containing four items that they would like to talk about and show the class. We will learn about our bodies using the story 'Funnybones' by Janet and Alan Ahlberg.
As a church school, we will also be attending the Harvest Service at St Andrew's Church in Isleham. The children will take part in lots of activities at school to help them find out about harvest time. 
Pre-Visit to St Andrew's Church in Isleham
On Tuesday 25th September we walked to our local church to meet Reverend Sue. She gave us a tour of 'God's House' and said we were welcome any time to go and look at the church with our families. We took some photos to show you what we saw and spoke about.
This trip helped to prepare us for the Harvest Service on Friday 28th September. We look forward to seeing you all there.
Wake and Shake
We take part in 'Wake and Shake' every morning after the register to wake us up and get our bodies moving. It also helps to switch on our brains too! We talk about the effects of exercise on our bodies and our arms and hands always feel so much warmer after. 
Swayne and Partners Vet Visit
A vet and a veterinary nurse kindly came to visit us at school today to talk about pets.
The children identified many different photos of pets and talked about safety around dogs. We looked at photos of dogs who were showing their teeth and dogs who looked frightened and talked about whether or not it was safe to approach them. The children were told that they must ask the owner of the dog first, before touching it to check that it is safe. The nurse taught us what to do if a dog runs up to us. Remember to ask your child to show you.
The children were then given the opportunity to meet and stroke a 4 month puppy called Saffy and a 21 year old tortoise called Horatio. We listened to Saffy's heartbeat using a stethoscope and found out lots of interesting facts about each animal. 
We visited St Andrew's Church in Isleham for our Christingle Service on Wednesday 28th November. We listened to Revd Sue and Revd David lead the service and joined in singing some hymns. The children watched their Year 6 buddies light their Christingles and helped us carry ours back to school.
The Nativity
Reception acted out the story on the stage for the school, parents and families. Not only did they have to remember when to go on stage; they had to remember what to do, where to stand and what to say in front of everyone. They did a fabulous job and should feel very proud.
Christmas Topic
The focus for our advent calendar this year has been problem solving in maths. The children are learning to work together as a team to solve one Christmas themed maths problem a day. Here are some other examples of Christmas themed literacy and maths problem solving activities from our classroom.
Spring Term 1
Our new topic after the Christmas holidays will be 'Superheroes and Villains'. The topic will begin by finding out about real people who help us in our own lives before moving on to explore fantasy superheroes.
Firefighter Visit
Newmarket Fire Service came to visit us at school last week. We had great fun finding out about their jobs that they do. They showed us their special uniform and even taught us what to do if our clothes catch fire. Can your child remember what to do?
Luckily, they didn't get called out on an emergency and we were able to have a look inside the fire appliance. We saw so many different tools and the children found it very interesting. I think it was the highlight of their week!
They created some beautiful writing labelling different parts of the appliance and wrote some wonderful sentences too.
Here are some other learning activities that took place in our classroom during the same week.
Police Visit
We had a Police Officer visit us at school to end our week learning about the Police. The children looked at lots of different equipment such as handcuffs, a radio, notebook and even a Police car. We found out what it was all used for and had an opportunity to ask our own questions aswell.  
The class had a brief chat about 'stranger danger' and now know that people in uniform (especially Police) are good examples of people we can ask for help.
We found out that a 'stinger' is used to puncture car tyres in a speed chase and a speed gun is used to measure how fast cars are travelling on the road. The children loved seeing the blue flashing lights and hearing the very loud siren!
I think it was the highlight of our week.
Spring Term 2
The second half of the Spring term will focus on another new topic in Reception 'Into the Woods'. During this topic, our learning will be based on lots of familiar stories that are set in or linked to the woods. Look at the wonderful display we have created, ready for you to display your writing on.
Our first week back will focus on the traditional tale 'Little Red Riding Hood'.
The Gruffalo
This week in Reception, the children have been helping to re-tell the story 'The Gruffalo' by Julia Donaldson. They did a great job joining in with the repetitive language.
Each child created a detailed drawing of the gruffalo using descriptions of the characters features from the story. We practised writing labels for the features and used these labels to form a sentence.
In keeping with our habitat theme for science week, we took the soft toy characters from the story to the woods to build new homes for them. Each group thought carefully about the type of house each animal lived in and worked together using natural resources to build it.

Welcome to Summer Term in Reception



Our topics this term will cover Growing, Minibeasts and Animal Fair and will span the entire Summer Term. We will be focussing heavily on developing and mastering the early learning goals which the government expects children to achieve by the end of the Reception year.


During the first half of the term, children will continue to develop their personal, social and emotional development through stories focussed on minibeasts. They will form a greater understanding of the world around them by planting seeds, observing a life cycle of a frog and noticing changes over time. They will hunt for minibeasts outside and talk about similarities and differences between bugs.

The Bad Tempered Ladybird
We will be using this story to explore feelings and emotions. The class joined in re-telling the story using the repetitive language and thought of some other words that could be used to describe feeling bad tempered e.g. 'mad', 'cross' and 'angry'.
We thought about what makes us feel bad tempered and shared these ideas as a class. The children had a go at demonstrating feeling 'bad tempered' using their facial expressions. We have been busy writing about these feelings for a new display.