Miss Drayton's 2017-18 Year 2 Class

Welcome to the Year 2 Class 2017-18 with Miss Drayton & Mrs Wright.
Check back here regularly to find out what is happening in Year 2 this term.

Welcome to the Spring term 2018

 This term our learning will be focused on many of the amazing animals around the world. We will begin the term by learning about arctic animals and how they adapt to their environments. We will then journey to Africa to discover more about the mammals from the African Savannah. The children will also be learning about endangered animals from the Australian outback and a variety of sea creatures from the largest coral reef in the world, the Great Barrier Reef!

 We will also learn about domestic animals and the important jobs that some of them do. As requested by the children, we will finish the term by learning about the dinosaurs which roamed the earth 66 million years ago!


On our return to school this week we found that our classroom had been frozen! There were snowballs everywhere and snowflakes falling down the walls. On further investigation we found a penguin hiding in an igloo with a letter! Percy the Penguin comes from Antarctica and he accidently found his way to Isleham whilst he was off exploring.

It was absolutely freezing in the classroom so Percy suggested that we made ourselves a hot chocolate. We did just that and then wrote instructions for Percy to follow for when he goes home. We will be learning lots about Percy and his friends over the next two weeks!

On Friday Sarah and her guide dog in training, Barley, visited Year 2. Barley impressed the children with how calm, friendly and obedient she was. Year 2 really enjoyed hearing how Barley will go on to help a person with sight loss live a more independent live.

Take a look at some of our new displays.
In ICT we have been researching our favourite animals.
We used the Keynote app to make presentations about our animals.
Here we are making clay replica fossils!
We made ammonites and trace fossils.
World Book Day 2018
Check out some of the pictures from KS1's Christmas performance
'Christmas with the Aliens!'

Welcome to the Autumn term 2017

 This term our topics will be ‘Famous Faces’ and ‘Street Detectives.’

 We will start off by learning about a range of famous faces from the past and present including famous explorers, sportspeople, world leaders and inventors! The children will also be making and burying a time capsule for future Isleham pupils to discover in years to come!

 In the second half of term the children will become street detectives where they will learn about the history of the village including the school and the old fire station! They will be comparing past and present as well as making their own maps to navigate their way around the village.



In ICT we have been learning to be excellent photographers!
In Art we have been learning about famous artists including Paul Klee, Picasso and Andy Warhol. We studied their artwork carefully and tried to replicate their styles.
Things to remember
PE days are Monday and Wednesday.
Spelling books are handed out on Friday and collected in on Thursday for a short test.
Homework books are given out on Friday and collected in on Wednesday.