Miss Hunt's 2017-18 Year 6 Class

Welcome to the Year 6 Class 2017-18 with Miss Hunt, Mrs Cole and Mrs Airey.
Check back here regularly to find out what is happening in Year 6 this term.

Happy New Year and welcome back to a new term of Year 6 at Isleham Primary School. On behalf of myself and the team we hope that you have all had a wonderful Christmas time. We have loved hearing what you have all been up to with your families. Our topic this term is ‘Extreme Locations’ which will have a Geography focus. We will be starting with a focus on South America and I’m sure the children will enjoy such an engaging topic.

We have had a very busy Autumn term, where we have been out and about quite a lot. We have visited Duxford Imperial War Museum, Soham Village College, Mildenhall College Academy and most of the class went on tour with the Christmas Choir to perform at a few local destinations. The children have been busy with their buddy duties and with their various roles and responsibilities around the school such as: house captains, school council, sports crew, music crew, play leaders and librarians. They have also been busy learning the ukulele, which will continue until half term. To get the most out of this tuition, the children will need to play at home and make sure their instrument is in school every Tuesday.

Each week please remember:

Spring Term

 Monday    Tuesday   Wednesday Thursday    Friday  
PE Kit
(Spr 1)
due in
PE Kit
(Spr 1/2 Games)
Homework set
PE Kit (Spr 2)

Please ensure that outdoor and indoor PE kits are in school every day as we may have weather/timetable changes!  Hair that is longer than shoulder length must be tied up for PE and earrings removed.  Girls also need spare socks for PE when it is cold and they are wearing tights! 

I’m sure there will be plenty of opportunities during the coming year to help out in school with special days or on educational visits if you are willing and available. Please contact me if you are available to join us! If you have any points to raise or matters to discuss, I will be available for a quick chat after school most days and I will be more than happy to arrange a meeting to discuss any issues further.

Our class café date is: Monday 29th January (9.05am)

We have worked so hard already this year and I look forward to working with you all again this term.

Thank you for your continued support.

Miss Hunt 


Towards the end of term we celebrated all of our hard work so far this year.
We enjoyed the Christmas festivities together. Here are a few photos of us enjoying preparing for our Christmas Dinner and raising money for Save the Children on Christmas Jumper Day! We also created lots of Christmas Shoe boxes for the Samaritan's Purse Operation Christmas Child Appeal.
As part of an enterprise-style project, Year 6 were challenged to design and make games to raise money for the school at the Christmas Fayre. As a class, each group rose to the challenge and created fantastic games to entertain the crowds at the event.
What a great job Year 6! 
Leading up to Christmas we worked really hard on our craft bags to sell at the Christmas Fayre. We combined our skills to create different products. We used our DT textile skills to make cross-stitch tree decorations. Using our circuit skills from studying Electricity in Science, we created 'light-up' Christmas cards. We also made a fun puzzle cube too!
Inspired by our topic, we had a World War II day in Year 6. We wore fantastic costumes and really got into character for our sharing assembly performance. During the day we made our own fighter plane models and peg doll toys. We also found out about daily life for children in the War and listened to popular music from the time.
Thank you to the Year 6 parents for the fantastic efforts with the children's costumes - everyone really looked the part!
Our class assembly shared our learning from the term. We chose to focus on our topic (World at War) and explain the process of evacuation and rationing in particular. We sang songs from WWII, performed a Lindy Hop dance and played our ukuleles.
Our costumes looked great too...
Thank you to everyone who came and supported us!
On Friday 17th November, our Year 5/6 teams competed in the Witchford School Sports Partnership Tag Rugby Tournament. Our two teams from Year 5 and Year 6 arrived by coach with Miss Hunt and Mrs Airey. We had a fantastic time playing against other local schools. We even received a special award for determination! As it was Children In Need, our lovely cooks made us Pudsey Bear biscuits to keep us going! Well done team, you did us proud!
On Wednesday 1st November Year 6 visited Duxford Imperial War Museum with Miss Hunt, Mrs Airey and Miss Thickpenny. It was a fantastic opportunity to enhance our history topic of WW2. We had a great time experiencing everything Duxford had to offer. In groups we completed three different trails around the various hangars. Not only did we learn lots of facts and information, we also experienced what life was like in WW2 as our topic was brought to life. We were really surprised to discover how heavy the uniform, weapons and equipment were to carry across so many miles. We walked 11,772 steps around Duxford and went home exhausted and full of information. Take a look at our photos to see more of what we got up to... What a fantastic day!
We have been working really hard in Year 6 on researching, designing, making and evaluating our shape sorter toys in DT. As you can see from the photos, they are all so different! We were inspired by our buddies' interests as they were our target audience. They are now strong and painted to represent the animals and objects we designed. We also made the nets and put them together to create the shapes. A lovely afternoon was spent in our Reception class sharing our shape sorter toys with our buddies. We managed to learn a lot along the way, what a brilliant project in Year 6!
In Design Technology we have been investigating strong and flexible materials. We have been researching, designing and making mathematical shape sorter toys to share with our reception buddies. Along the way we have been constantly evaluating and amending our plans. Our final products will be complete and posted soon...

On Wednesday 11th October Year 6, Miss Hunt and Mrs Airey visited Soham Village College (SVC) for the STEM Challenge. We travelled by coach and arrived at SVC after the short bus journey. We signed in at Lodeside and made our way over to the Performing Arts Centre (PAC). There was a lot to see on the way and it was great for Year 6 to see a normal school day at the college with the SVC students in their lessons. We were welcomed by Miss Knight from the Technology department and Miss Afford from the Maths department. Our day was filled with different challenges as STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. The first challenge was the Maths round where we had to answer questions in teams and take the answers to the different flags around the auditorium. It was very busy and a race to get as many boarding passes to the different countries as possible. We had break in Beechurst playground and then took part in the Science round which had a focus on forces, balance and momentum. After each round we had to record our findings and make a poster. The staff at SVC were very impressed with our handwriting and presentation, which was fantastic to hear. The Year 8 and 9 STEM helpers had lunch with us in the dining hall and we had the chance for another look around. In the afternoon we had the Technology challenge where we had to design and make a flying machine to send a message home and land ‘closest to Soham’ from Madrid. Our different groups won different awards and we had a great time along the way. A big thank you to Miss Knight, Miss Afford and everyone who made our visit to SVC so fun! We are looking forward to working in partnership with SVC on more projects this year. 

On Friday 29th September Year 6, Miss Hunt and Mrs Airey visited Mildenhall College Academy (MCA) for a Music Workshop. The MCA mini buses picked us up from Isleham and we enjoyed the short bus ride. On arrival we were welcomed by the MCA Principal, Ms Byles. Here, Ms Byles told us all about the school and the exciting plans that they have for the future. Ms Byles was very impressed by our ambitious career aspirations. There was a lot to see on our way to the music department and everyone was friendly and welcoming. Our workshop was led by Mrs Sayer, Mrs Wright and a super student named Tyler. We all had an African djembe drum each and we were taught different call and response rhythms. We were taught three different drumming techniques and were able to combine these with different rhythms. Also, we used improvisation and a few dance movements to represent each drumming technique. A great time was had by all! Thank you Ms Byles, Mrs Sayer, Mrs Wright, Tyler and to everyone at MCA who made our experience so brilliant. Take a look below at the videos of us drumming...

We loved meeting our new Reception buddies on their first day of school! Throughout the day we spent time getting to know them, playing in the classroom, lining up for lunch, eating and exploring the playground outside. We are looking forward to teaching our buddies all about our school and sharing may experiences together throughout the year. Welcome to our school buddies!
What a busy house day we had! So many Year 6 children put themselves forward to run for House Captain! We did a fantastic job of making posters, talking to children across the school, writing a manifesto and making a speech to our house teams. Our house day had a British Values theme and the house day elections represented democracy in our school. Well done to everyone who put themselves forward and congratulations to our successful candidates!
Over the summer holidays Miss Hunt challenged us to make a maths game. Miss Hunt was very impressed with our efforts and we had great fun playing the games in class...
Our House Captains and School Council gave beautiful readings in the church for the Harvest Festival Service. We were very proud of them all!
We have been busy in the garden and look what we have managed to grow...
We are very excited to be learning the ukulele this term!