Miss Stanley's 2018-19 Year 2 Class


Dear parents,


Due to Year 2 missing some swimming lessons due to bank holidays we have re-arranged some dates to ensure we can catch up!

We will be swimming on:

Tuesday 2nd July (morning)

Tuesday 9th July (morning)


Thank you.

From the Year 2 team :)



Thank you to all parents who attended the recent SATs evening in preparation for May of this year.  Hopefully you found it informative and has settled any worries that you have regarding the assessments.  The powerpoint used during the evening has been added to this page so that you can take a further look at the comments and notes made during the session.
Welcome to Year 2 2018-19 with Miss Stanley & Mrs Wright.
Check back here regularly to find out what is happening in Year 2 this term.
Autumn Term
So far this term we have become time detectives, learning about changes over time!  

We have explored maps and developed our understanding of navigating using a compass and next we will be using an atlas to find countries, continents and oceans. 

Alongside this, we have been exploring the history of toys and whether we would like to play with toys of the past. We have learnt how toys have changed and have sorted toys according to a criteria. 

We were lucky to have a visit from Denny Abbey who came to show us some old toys from the past. We even got to hold them and play with them but we had to be very careful!
In Science we are continuing our learning about the uses of everyday materials including wood, plastic, metal and paper. We really enjoyed comparing the suitability of materials in our 'Egg Drop Challenge'. We made devices to protect an egg using suitable materials and we dropped them from 1 and a half meters onto the floor. Most of us managed to protect our egg :) 
In English we have looked at Traditional Tales and have focused on Little Red Riding Hood. The wolf emailed us to tell us that the story was wrong and he wanted to tell us the true story! 
We were very sad to hear the wolf's story so we decided to invite him for an interview. We wrote lots of interesting questions to find out more and then he visited us. He was so friendly and he was telling us the truth! We did ask him for a selfie but he had never done one before. You can just see his nose!
I hope you have all had an enjoyable half term. I am very excited about our next half term and am looking forward to seeing you all again. 
This half term we are having Tuesday afternoon as an extended PE session rather than 2 shorter sessions to allow children a greater amount of active time in the lesson. Please remember PE kits on Tuesdays. Thank you!
Thank you to everyone for coming to our class assembly on Friday 23rd. We hope you enjoyed it! 
This week we have started our rehearsals for the KS1 Christmas production of 'Hey Ewe'. We are really enjoying it and are all excited to perform it for all of you next week. 
Spring Term
Welcome back to the Spring term. I hope you all had a magical Christmas and the Year 2 team wish you a happy New Year! 
We had a wonderful lead up to Christmas in school and have had a fabulous start to our new term. 
Our new topic is 'Sensational Safari'. We will be journeying to Africa to discover the geography of Kenya through focusing on the main human and physical features of the country. Then we will learn about the key geographical features of the country including Kenyan wildlife, landscapes and culture. Children will learn about the similarities and differences between Kenya and the UK along with continuing to develop their geographical skills through a variety of fun and interactive activities.
PE will usually take place on a Tuesday and Friday. However, please make sure PE kits are in all week in case of timetable changes.
Please ensure your child has a water bottle at school and that all school clothes are named clearly. 
In Science we are learning about living things including humans and have learnt about animals and their habitats and learnt that if we do not protect them Earth's habitats may be lost. This week we are going on a minibeast survey in our local habitat, we will let you know how it goes! 
In our English lesson so far we have learnt about calligram poems and created a class winter poem using the skills we learnt. We all contributed similes and alliteration in our lines for the poem. We hope you enjoy it!

Frozen Paradise

An owl as white as the snow.

White snow as soft as a bunny’s tail.

Snow as smooth as silky slippers.

Snow as bright as the sun.

Snow as soft as a bunny.

Shining sun as bright as a crystal.

Shimmering snow.

Snow as smooth as a piece of paper.

Snow as white as a penguin.

Snow as soft as a feather.

Shimmering sun as bright as a torch.

Darting deer as fast as chatty cheerful cheetahs.

Crystal covered shiny icicles

Snow as sparkly as crystals.

Ice as bright as the sun

Snow as soft as a polar bear

Snow as crunchy as cereal.

Icicles as long as tree trunks.

Snow as shiny as the sun.

Incredible icicles

Smooth snow.

Snowy trees as tall as a snowman.

Snow as soft as a blanket.

Mountains as tall as the shard.

Snow as soft as a thin leaf.

Trees as tall as mountains

Water as bright as the sun.


By Year 2

We then used our new vocabulary to write our own poem as a calligram. 

We had a fun end to the first part of the spring term. We linked our learning of 3D shapes to make 3D sculptures using marshmallows like the artist Eva Rothschild. 
We learnt about Africa in our Geography this half term and used this to write some cool Kennings (poems) about African animals. Here is our new corridor display. See if you can spot Where's Wally! 
I hope you have all had a restful half term and are ready to start our next half term. I look forward to seeing you all back! 
Today we learnt about symmetry and explored our own pictures and used mirrors to show the lines of symmetry. 
We enjoyed our House Day. In Year 2 we focussed on Gospel and learnt about love, forgivness and friendship. 
This term we loved having science week! It all started with a visit to Susie's Woods. Below are some photos of our adventures and discoveries! 
We have thoroughly enjoyed learning about Dinosaurs and as a big start to science week Miss Stanley found some mysterious eggs outside on the playground! We created an experiement to see how many sprays of vinegar it would take to crack the egg open. This activity explores the popular baking soda and vinegar reaction. During this chemical reaction, the vinegar reactions with the baking soda. Carbon dioxide is the gas that causes the bubbling during the reaction. We found some baby dinosaurs inside the eggs. Here are some photos of our fun!
Below are some photos of our dazzling dinosaur dispplay we created with all the facts we learnt about. Thank you to all the children who came in with extra facts for us to add! That was great!
We loved our visit to Sedgwick museum and learnt a huge amount. It really bought our learing 'alive'. Here is some of our information we learnt while we were there. There are 2.5 million objects in the museum ans when we were there we met a lovely lady who asked us to search for 3 special items in the museum
1. Giant spider
2. Teeth
3. A fossil found by Mary Anning
120 thousand years ago you would have been walking around with hippos, lions and hyenas. This shows the weather has hanged.Hippo fossil was found in Cambridge. We also learnt that woolly rhinos and mammoths have been found in Cambridge. The hippo fossil was found in Cambridge! This means it has been really hot and really cold on earth at different points in time.
Mary Anning wrote letters to Adam Sedgwick and she had to use lots of description as there were no cameras. She also had to draw detailed drawings of her finds and sold some to Adam to put in the museum.
We found the giant spider model and the creature was alive 300 million years ago however without the fossil we would have never known it even existed. They are now extinct but more have been found in different positions means scientists now know it looked more like a crab that lived under the water and soon realised it was not a spider at all but was a sea scorpion!
We passed round a dinosaur fossil and took predictions about which part of the body it might have been from. We thought it was a brain but learnt that brains do not often become fossilised we also thought it might be a big tooth but it wasn't that either! It was a vertebrate which was 240 million years old.
We learnt that there has never been a full T-Rex skelton found. When dinosaurs found their skeleton is not always complete. The size of the footprints could fit 8 children!! In the entrance of the museum was a T-Rex skull model. Only 30 skulls of T-Rex the whole world and the tooth of a T-Rex was bigger than it's brain meaning it was not very clever.When we saw the T-Rex we noticed  it had lots of big holes in it these were from other T-Rex's biting it.
The Iguanadon was put into the museum in 1904 and five children could stand on the side of its footprint! We looked at an Iguanadon tooth (they had 30) and saw they were blunt which meant they ate plants.
One of the facts we were amazed by was that we still live with dinosaurs!!! Birds are dinosaurs so we see dinosaurs evevery day! 
It was a lovely day and the children behaved beautifully. 
On the last day of term we had a fun filled day with bonnets and an Easter craft afternoon! Here are some photos. 
Summer Term
Welcome back to the Summer term. I hope you all had a relaxed Easter holidays and are ready for another term in Year 2. 


Dear parents,


Due to Year 2 missing some swimming lessons due to bank holidays we have re-arranged some dates to ensure we can catch up!

We will be swimming on:

Tuesday 2nd July (morning)

Tuesday 9th July (morning)


Thank you.

From the Year 2 team :)