Mrs Deacon & Mrs Gibbs' 2018-19 Year 5 Class

Welcome to the Summer term in Year 5!
This term the class will be learning all about Ancient Egypt in their topic for the summer term.  They will learn about the ruling of the land and how the officials instructed slaves to make pyramids.  The book, 'Secrets of a Sun King,' will link the literacy tasks to the real life events as the book is based on an adventure to discover the tomb of Tutankhamun.  Although this is a fiction book the author uses Egyptian details creatively to keep the audience engaged but also informed about the archeaological techniques used by historians.
The class will continue to learn about rivers in geography as they discover more about longest river in the world, the Nile, when they return to school after the half term break.  
In science the class will find out about lifecycles and living things, which will also form the base for the design and technology unit of creating a moving animal using mechanical levers.
For PE the class will be building their skills with striking and fielding with rounders and cricket.  They will also swim each Friday morning.  (Please remove earrings and tie up long hair.  Hair longer than shoulder length will required a swimming hat.)
With an end of term concert, trip to the School of Rock in the West end and the Year 5 and 6 production, this term is set to be busy but fun packed.
Welcome to Year 5 2018-19 with Mrs Gibbs,  Mrs Deacon, Mrs Rayner, Mrs Goldsack, Mrs Cole & Mrs Broyles.
Check back here regularly to find out what is happening in Year 5 this term.
DT Trip to Soham Village College
On Tuesday 16th July, Y5 pupils were invited to SVC for a DT workshop. They each designed, made and tested their own racing cars. Here are some photos from the day:
Ancient Egyptian Day
What a brilliant day we all had. We started the day by baking flatbreads and making our own papyrus. Following that, we enjoyed the flatbreads as part of an Ancient Egyptian feast. In the afternoon, we painted our death masks which are now looking amazing. Well done to everyone for getting stuck in and dressing up!
Mummifying Tomatoes
We recently practised the steps of mummification, choosing a tomato to act as our dead body. Here are some photographs which show you the steps we followed.
Year 5 really enjoyed their recent try out session with Bikeability. Take a look at all of the various bikes we tried:
Spring Term 2019
We are very excited in Year 5, to have a new teacher for 3 days each week.  The class will now have Mrs Gibbs to teacher them Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, then Mrs Deacon on Thursday and Friday. With a new topic and a new teacher it is very exciting times ahead! 
After Christmas, the new topic will be called, 'Travel across the world, and to the moon and back.' The children will learn about the history of the railways, travel in space and the science background, all about planets and the solar system.  There will also be a chance to cook a variety of seasonal food in design and technology lessons, and maybe prepare food for a space day!
PE will still take place each Thursday (with Mr Stevens) and a Friday.  Remember to keep the sports kit in school for the whole week, just in case there is a change of plan. 
Mrs Gibbs:  Monday Tuesday and Wednesday
Maths skills, English,  Geography, Art, PSHCE, DT, Science and computing.
Mrs Barber: Thursday afternoons
Mrs Deacon: Thursday and Friday
Maths, English (SPAG) and guided reading,  PE, History, Music and RE.
In design and Technology lessons (with a link to the Victorian theme) the class have researched, designed and made a sampler.
During the Victorian day, the class were lucky to have the experience of a wash day.  An expert from Denny Abbey visited the class to talk about the process.  It was really hard work!
During the Victorian day, just before the end of the first half term, the children experienced life in school in the past.  They played a range of games, learnt about the wash day and continued with their cross stitch designs.  
On an ordinary morning, the class arrived into school and as they made their way to the classroom they experienced a strange event!  They felt a rush of air, and a sudden dizziness as they were transported back in time to a Victorian classroom!  The room was darker because there would not have been any electricity.  The teachers were stern and wearing Victorian clothes, and even sent some children to wear the dunces cap.  The classroom tables were all in rows and boys and girls were separated.
This experience helped the class to write excellent stories!
Over this first term, the class are learning more about materials.  They began by sorting different materials and thinking of the properties and uses. Several experiments involved materials that conduct (both heat and electricity).  One lesson the class were asked to solve a scientific question of, which materials could be used to insulate against sound?  They designed their own experiment, and really enjoyed the investigation!