Mrs Deacon's 2017-18 Year 4 Class

Autumn 2017

It's been an incredible start to the year with the class settling quickly into Year 4 routines and attempting all the learning tasks with enthusiasm!


The topic for the first term was, 'Who do you think you are?' where the children learned all about life in the Fens and compared it to the conditions of the past.  Their geography skills developed as they followed and drew maps of the locality and considered the locations of new settlements. The skills were transferred well when they went on a visit to the local woodland, made linear journey sticks and maps and then created a map to include symbols and a key.


When the children return after the break they will begin learning about a period in history that goes further back to the time when Stonehenge was created.  They will read the book 'Stig of the Dump', cook on an open fire and create cave art pictures.


On Thursday 19th October the Year 4 class went on a fabulous trip to Denny Abbey to find out more about farming in the past.  A great way to end the topic of life in the fens and how Fenland life has changed over time.  A super day of looking around the museum, handling artefacts, molly dancing and crushing wheat grains into flour, was arranged for the children.  
They started with a bumpy coach journey to Waterbeach where the class set up a base in the education centre.  Split into two groups the children enjoyed a wander around the museum while others created flour from wheat grains.  After a lunch and a small play in the outside area, the lessons continued.  These were Molly dancing and handling a range of farming artefacts.  Before returning the school the children had a chance to wander around the Abbey building, where many of the children were convinced they could hear voices and that must mean it is haunted!  A truly wonderful day to remember!
While learning about life in Isleham the class also had a unit in literacy about persuasive texts.  They had the challenge of writing a persuasive text to attract people to Isleham.  They used alliteration, slogans, description, and persuasive language.  Would you visit Isleham?
In science lessons the children have been finding out more about 3 states of matter - solid, liquid and gas.  They created facts about gases in their 'boxes of gas' as well as taking the temperature in different places around the classroom.  They noticed how the states of matter can change when heated or cooled and did several experiments heating and cooling different states of matter.  After the half term break they will continue with the unit and learn about the water cycle.
Towards the end of the Autumn half term the Year 4 children researched different houses from both Isleham and around the world.  They used the styles to make their own model, after some practice and lots of glue!
The Year 4 classroom.
The reading area is used by different groups of children each day.  There has been a tepee in there and after the half term holiday there will even be a cave to sit in while reading!
On the transition day the class created self portraits using pencil and pastel crayons.  Can you see any faces you know?