Mrs Deacon's 2017-18 Year 4 Class

Summer 2018

This final term of the year will be based around the topic of 'The Great Greeks!'  The class will focus on the location of various geographical features from around the world, so they can find the position of Greece on a world map.  Then they will learn about Ancient Greece in their history lessons.  Literacy will be linked with several weeks of writing about Myths and Quests and also play scripts.  


Keep looking at this page for more details and also photographs and explanation of their learning!


After the February half term the Year 4 class all started learning to play a brass instrument which will continue to the end of the year. It has been lots of fun so far and the children are already showing skills, even in just a few weeks.
The new science unit for the summer term is - Electricity!
The class began be exploring a range of activities on the table to engage their interest and to assess their knowledge.  They also listed a variety of items that need electricity to work and thought about life without it!  A great start to the new topic!
During Science Week, beginning 12th March 2018, the children enjoyed a range of lessons about the digestive system.  They labelled the important systems and described their functions.  Mrs Deacon demonstrated with a tube, plastic bag, water and pieces of bread!  While learning about the names and functions of human teeth the class conducted an experiment to answer the question, 'Do sugar drinks affect teeth.'  The children used eggs to represent teeth and placed them in a variety of drinks and were amazed but also disgusted by the results!  It certainly made them think of their drink choice.
On the 16th March 2018, the class had the opportunity to take part in a class speed stacking competition.  They practiced the skills necessary and then created their own time for the 3-3-3 and the 3-6-3 stacks.  The trainers were very impressed with their skills and speed and praised them for staying on task throughout the session.  
During World Book Day, in March, the children really embraced the task of dressing up.  There were some wonderful costumes!  Over the day, the children made front covers for fact books, met an author, and created inventions from junk modelling materials after hearing a story as a start.  There were some simply fantastic creations!
The children in Year 4 love going to the wood for outside learning, even if it proves to be cold on some visits.  In February the class ended their science topic about living things and their habitats, by looking for signs of life in a woodland environment.  There were  4 activities set up for exploration in the setting: looking for different leaves and discussing their plant origins and noticing similarities and differences; sieving plant material, and searching under logs and leaves, to find invertebrates; and taking a walk in the woods looking for signs of life.  Back at school the children created fact sheets about the woodland and used all of their technical vocabulary learned over the previous few weeks.  A great ending to the living things topic!
Towards the end of the first half of the Spring term the class were visited by a science expert.  She was full of enthusiasm for the subject and explained how the digestive system worked, as well as speaking about the parts of the ear.  This was a great way to end the sound topic and start the human body learning!  
Over the digestion session she recreated the full series of processes from eating to the excretion of the waste!  The children started by cutting up pieces of food and mashing them to simulate the use of the mouth.  A plastic bag became the substitute stomach which required squeezing and squashing, just as our real stomach would do.  To create the process of movement through the small intestine and large intestine a pair of tights became useful and there was a lot of squeezing just like the real muscles in the gut.  Finally there was the excretion process, which many of the children particularly enjoyed!  Although some found it disgusting!
The Year 4 classroom in September, waiting for the children to arrive!