Mrs Deacon's 2017-18 Year 4 Class

Spring 2018

Welcome back to the Year 4 page in 2018!  There are lots of exciting learning opportunities for the class, so you may want to visit this site regularly to see all of the fun learning and activities that take place!


This term the children have started the topic,

'Life as we know it!'

where they will have a science focus over the term.  When they arrived back to school after the Christmas holiday they found the classroom full of different instruments laid out on the tables.  This was the super start to the science learning about sound.  Over the term they will also learn about the human body as well as considering habitats and different animals including humans.


A change to the usual sharing assembly this term will be a class café.  This will be held on the 23rd February at 2.30.  This will be more informal than other assemblies when adults can have a drink and talk while sat at tables until the children share some of their learning.  A more relaxed way for the children to inform parents and carers of their learning.



In the Christmas holiday period the children were asked to make an instrument from a range of junk materials.  Some have thought very creatively and made a range of plucking, striking and shaking instruments.  There was even a recorder made from a carrot - which even made a sound!
We have discovered in History lessons that the only reason we know so much about the Stone Age is from the artefacts they left behind that have been discovered.  One item found is a carved stone ball but the experts do not know why or how it was used.  We made our own balls from clay.
The design and technology lessons have been very popular as the children used a variety of malleable materials.  They began with the medium of plasticine to practice the skills necessary for the clay work.  They made a plasticine coil pot, use a flat piece to practice their patterns and finally turned to clay to make a Stone Age pot.
On Thursday 19th October the Year 4 class went on a fabulous trip to Denny Abbey to find out more about farming in the past.  A great way to end the topic of life in the fens and how Fenland life has changed over time.  A super day of looking around the museum, handling artefacts, molly dancing and crushing wheat grains into flour, was arranged for the children.  
They started with a bumpy coach journey to Waterbeach where the class set up a base in the education centre.  Split into two groups the children enjoyed a wander around the museum while others created flour from wheat grains.  After a lunch and a small play in the outside area, the lessons continued.  These were Molly dancing and handling a range of farming artefacts.  Before returning the school the children had a chance to wander around the Abbey building, where many of the children were convinced they could hear voices and that must mean it is haunted!  A truly wonderful day to remember!
In science lessons the children have been finding out more about 3 states of matter - solid, liquid and gas.  They created facts about gases in their 'boxes of gas' as well as taking the temperature in different places around the classroom.  They noticed how the states of matter can change when heated or cooled and did several experiments heating and cooling different states of matter.  After the half term break they will continue with the unit and learn about the water cycle.
The Year 4 classroom.
The reading area is used by different groups of children each day.  There has been a tepee in there and after the half term holiday there will even be a cave to sit in while reading!
On the transition day the class created self portraits using pencil and pastel crayons.  Can you see any faces you know?