'Anglo-Saxon' Author Visit!

17th November 2016
The children in Year 3 were especially keen to impress visiting author Nigel Blackman today with their knowledge of the Anglo-Saxon period. Mr Blackman's new book 'Freedom for Bron' has provided them with inspiration for their recent 'kennings' writing about warriors from Anglo-Saxon times. The children enjoyed finding out about how Mr Blackman set about researching his new book, and discovered how to go about drawing an Anglo-Saxon warrior. They also enjoyed telling Mr Blackman all they knew about dinosaurs and several year groups enjoyed carrying out a drawing masterclass with him in how to draw a 'Dinotek' T-Rex as seen in the 'Secret Dinosaur' series of books! It was a busy and enjoyable day in all the classes. Huge thanks to Mr Blackman for visiting us at Isleham!