The School Day

The school gates open shortly before the start and end of the school day.

Please wait with your child in the playground at the start of the day until the green gates open at 8.50am for the children to walk into class. Children arrive between 8.50am and 8.55am, with lessons starting promptly at 9.00am.

After 3:15pm, the green playground gates will be locked promptly to secure the site. 

8.55 am                       The school day starts. Reception children enter during the first few weeks of school via their Reception classroom playground door at 8.55am. (They must be handed over to the Reception class staff by a supervising adult, rather than left to walk in on their own.)


8.50am                        All children in Years 1 to 6 filter into their classroom from 8.50am when the playground green gates open (supervised by Headteacher/ Deputy Headteacher). Reception children will make their way into school from the main playground at 8.50am from October half term onwards


10.15am                      Snack in class (children in Key Stage 1 enjoy a piece of fruit or healthy snack from home, with water or milk to drink. Key Stage 2 children may bring a small healthy snack to have in between class sessions)


11.00 am                     15 minutes active time- outside


12.15 pm                     Lunch


1.15 pm                       Afternoon session begins


2.55pm                        Assembly (parents will be notified of assemblies which are open to   parents via the weekly newsletter)


3.15 pm                       End of the school day


Reception & Year 1 class parents wait in the Reception playground area at the front of the school to collect children at the end of the day from the classroom/ group room door. Children are handed over to a parent once the supervising member of staff has seen him or her.

All other parents wait in the playground until the security green gates are opened at 3.10pm and make their way to the classroom door to collect their child.

For reasons of health and safety, children are not allowed to play on the playground or field after the end of the school day. Once children have been collected, we ask that families leave the school grounds promptly.  We ask that children do not play on the playground equipment at the beginning and end of the day whilst under parental supervision.  We are grateful to parents for the care they take in not disturbing the end of the school sessions. Dogs are not allowed on school premises.

For children travelling from Chippenham, the school bus leaves Chippenham bus stop at 8.40 am and returns after the school day, arriving at Chippenham bus stop at approximately 3.35 pm. Please speak to Jenny Drayton if you have any queries about the school bus.



Protocol for the end of the school day should children not be collected:

At the end of the day, children should be collected promptly. Our protocol for uncollected children is in line with the Local Authority's:

  • All contact numbers will be called.  
  • Should there be no response, children will be placed in an after school club or with the Headteacher, and contact numbers retried.
  • If by 4.00pm there is still no response, Social Care will be called and a referral will be made to them.