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2020-21 Year 3

Mr Walker & Mrs Wright welcome you to
the Year 3 Class of 2020.
Please check back here regularly for news
of what is happening in Year 3 this year.
Mrs Grosvenor also joined the Year 3 team in January 2021.

I hope everyone enjoyed a fantastic Easter holiday and are looking forward to the new term with enthusiasm! I would like to say a big thank you to Mrs Rayner for looking after Year 3 just before the end of last term. This term our topic is about ‘Plants.’ My resolution is to continue to make sure all the pupils can enjoy outdoor PE on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons so don’t forget your PE kits.  I would appreciate it if you could continue to help your child pack their school bags so when I ask them to check bags– they manage to find their reading books. The children will continue to practice their times tables and spellings in class and using the Times Table Rockstars and Spelling Shed app.


The focus for the first couple of weeks of the term will be our class story ‘Mr Penguin and the Lost Treasure ‘by Alex T Smith. We will then create our own characters and write our own adventure. This will include newspapers.  Later on we will be reading and writing persuasive texts and poetry.


First, we will be finishing off the topic of length (subtracting, perimeter and problem solving) before moving on to Fractions (Making a whole, tenths, fractions of numbers) and Time (analogue and digital clock). Watch the video below that explains how to use the bar method to solve fractions. The video was created by Michael Underwood and White Rose Maths. You can read through the parent guide to fractions below as well. After half term we will be learning about Angles and properties of shapes, Mass and Capacity.

 Times Tables:
Watch the following music videos to practice your x3, x4 and x8 tables. Don't forget to use the Times Table Rockstar app to increase your speed.
Plants will be our main topic this term. We will be investigating what plants need to grow. We will be investigating light, amount of water they drink through their roots and how oil affects a plants leaves.
 What do the parts of a plant do? In year 3 we have been researching the parts of plants and recording what they are used for. What do you think?
This term we will be looking at Vincent Van Gogh’s famous sunflower paintings. We will be reading 'Camille and the Sunflowers' by Laurence Anholt. We will create our own sunflowers using different media.
We looked at one of Vincent Van Goghs famous sunflower paintings. We talked about his use of colour. We sketched and painted our own sunflowers using water colours.
We used the free app Brushes on the ipad to create sunflowers using Van Gogh as a starting point. Do you know that British Artist David Hockney has created art just using an ipad?
 Year 3 have also created 3D sunflowers using card, lollysticks and pots. The children then decorated their pots using two different porceline pens. We hope you like them. 
We used clay to create sunflower tiles using Vincent Van Gogh as a start. Once they are dry we will paint them with acrylic paint. Come back soon to see what they look like.
In History we will be learning about and comparing the punishments that were used during Roman, Saxon, Tudor and Victorian times.

In Geography we will be looking at maps and symbols to work out how land is used. We will also use maps to help identify rural and urban areas in the UK.

 Design Technology:

In DT we explore and make a series and parallel circuit. We will then design and make a controller using a Microbit.

Year 3 has been investigating how to program a microbit using blocks. We were able to create code to create flashing hearts, play music, create a simple dice that changes numbers when you shake it, and to scroll names across the LED.

Our first Charanga music unit is called ‘Bringing Us Together.’ We will be performing and composing using glockenspiels. Watch the video below to learn the words. Sing along at home.

 In our Music lessons, we have been learning to play the glockenspiels to accompany our Charanga song.
In Computing we will continue learning about e-safety and how to communicate online. We will then be using a variety of software to present data we will have collected to help us with our DT design choices.
In R.E this term we will explore Islam. Why is prayer important to Muslims and not for some people? Watch the video below to found out what prayer is.
In PSHE we will be talking about community and the roles some people play in them. In RSE we will be identifying some body parts which are male and some which are female. We will also find out about basic personal hygiene routines.
In PE we have been practising our skipping skills. Watch the following video clips.