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2021 - 2022 Year 3 Class

 Mr Walker, Mrs Wright and Mrs Davison welcome you to the Year 3 Class of 2021.
Please check back here regularly for news of what is happening in Year 3 this year.
Year 3 Curriculum Overview 2021-2022
Below you can find our curriculum overview for the year ahead for each subject. You can see what will be coming up in each term.
Autumn Term Overview for Parents
Here is a video explaining some of the things we will be covering this term. You can also see the expectations for a Year 3 child's writing by the end of the year. If you have any problems watching the video on the school website, just click on the link below:


You will find our Year 3 Newsletter with the same information as a pdf below.
I hope everyone enjoyed a fantastic Summer holiday and is looking forward to the new term with enthusiasm! I would like to say a big welcome to Mrs. Davison who is joining up in Year 3. This term our topic is ‘Rumbles, Rocks, and Romans.’ My resolution is to continue to make sure all the pupils can enjoy PE on Monday and Tuesdays so don’t forget your PE kits.  The weekly timetable can be found below. I would appreciate it if you could continue to help your child pack their school bags so when I ask them to check bags– they manage to find their reading books. The children will continue to practice their times tables and spellings in class and using the Times Table Rockstars and Spelling Shed app. Watch out for new log-ins and passwords.
Instructions: The focus for the first couple of weeks of the term has been instruction texts. We have read and written instructions about how to make volcanoes and catapults.
Escape from Pompeii: We have read this story by Christina Balit. It is set in Roman Pompeii and is about a boy called Tranio and a girl called Livia and how they escape the destruction of their city when Mount Vesuvius erupts. Year 3's main focus has been on writing descriptions of settings and characters from the story. We have also written dialogue between different characters and persuasive letters. Year 3 has also written book reviews of the story.
Reading in Year 3
We have lots and lots of different kinds of reading materials in Year 3. We have written some book reviews for books we have already read. 
Our first Power Maths unit will be looking at place value within 1000. We will be counting in 100s, using number lines to 1000, and finding 1, 10, and 100 more or less.
Times Tables:
Watch the following music videos to practice your x3, x4 and x8 tables. Don't forget to use the Times Table Rockstar app to increase your speed.
Rocks will be our main topic this term. We will be investigating the properties and types of rocks. We will also be investigating which rocks would be best for a kitchen countertop and which would be impermeable so they can be used as roof tiles. 
Science Investigation: Which rocks would be the best for a kitchen countertop?
Year 3 made predictions before carrying out a scratch test on a variety of rocks. We tested pumice, granite, marble, slate, brick, sandstone, and chalk. We attempted to scratch the rocks with our fingernails and a pin. We recorded our results in a table and wrote a simple conclusion. Nobody wanted a chalk kitchen top. Can you guess why?
In the first half of term, we will be looking at Roman Mosaics and creating our own using foam tiles and paper. We will also be looking at Andy Warhol's Vesuvius screen print and creating our own. 
Roman Helmet Mosaics
This week Year had a go at creating a simple mosaic by cutting up paper. What do you think? 
 Andy Warhol Vesuvius Water Colour Paintings
Year 3 looked at the Pop Artwork of Andy Warhol. We sketched out our own versions of his Vesuvius artwork. We then used a permanent marker and watercolours to make them pop. We hope you like them.
In Geography we will be looking at the Naples and Campania region in Italy. We will be learning about Mount Vesuvius and the destruction of Pompeii and Herculaneum. We will also be finding out what tourism is like in the region.
After half term, we will be looking at the Romans in Britain. We will be finding out why they came from Italy to this cold, damp island. We will also be researching what life was like in Roman Britain and why Boudicca rebelled against Roman rule. 
 Design Technology:
During his half term, we will be looking at and creating lollypop stick catapults. Later on, we will design and test out our own catapults. 
No glue catapult challenge: Mr Walker challenged us to create a square-based catapult but could only use elastic bands to join all of the lollysticks. What do you think?
Our first Charanga unit is called 'Let your spirit Fly' by Joanna Mangona - An R&B song for children.

This unit contains: Listen & Appraise apps, Warm-up Games, and Flexible Games. All the learning is focused around one song: Let Your Spirit Fly. The material presents an integrated approach to music where games, the dimensions of music (pulse, rhythm, pitch, etc), singing, and playing instruments are all linked.

In Computing, we will continue learning about e-safety and come up with rules when we are online.  We will then be coding using 2Code and the Hour of code apps. 
In computing, we have been looking at ways to program sprites using code. We had a go a 'The Hour of Code' to see if we could use different blocks/commands to make the program run correctly. Why not try it yourself.
 Purple Mash Coding
We have been learning how to code using Purple Mash. We have been able to use the timer to make a rabbit disappear, make a clock tick, and to use the repeat command to create a square.
 Religious Education: 
In R.E this term we will explore Christianity. How do Christians show that reconciliation with God and others is important? We read the story of 'The Prodigal son' and wrote letters offering advice to the older brother.
In PSHE we will be talking about 'Beginning and Belonging'. We will be writing our class rules and talking about how to cope with new situations.
PE: Ball Handling Skill
In Games this half term, Year 3 have been practicing their ball-handling skills. We've got some super footballers who play for a variety of local teams.