If you have any concerns about a child, please do not hesitate to report your concern to one of our Designated Safeguarding leads- Dawn Deacon (head@isleham.cambs.sch.uk) or Lisa Dennis (finance@isleham.cambs.sch.uk) or telephoning 01638 780336. If you think you or the child is in immediate danger and need urgent help, please call the police on 999. Alternatively, you can contact the local authority safeguarding team directly- if you are not a professional involved with the child or family, you do not have to give your name and your conversation will be treated confidentially. Telephone: 0345 045 5203 (8-6pm Monday to Friday) 01733 234 724 (out of hours) Email: referralcentre.children@cambridgeshire.gov.uk

Reception Autumn 2023-24

Welcome to the Reception Class 2023-2024 with Miss Simmons, Mrs Dray and Miss Diplock

The children’s first full day at Isleham Primary School is on Thursday 7th September 2023.

Autumn term September 2023

I hope everyone enjoyed the summer break and is looking forward to the start of their school journey at Isleham Primary School. We want to make sure that you are fully informed so please come and ask if you have any questions or queries or jot something down on Dojo. Remember your child needs to bring their reading record and reading books daily to school for us to check.


  • This term our topic is ‘All about me’.
  • If you would like to support our swimming lessons, woodland trips or would be interested in offering assistance with other aspects of the curriculum, please contact the school office for further information.



Throughout our literacy learning, we will play games, sing songs, make rhymes and listen for sounds within the environment. Our phonics journey will begin and we will be introduced to the first phase of the phonics sounds, through our song of sounds scheme. Where we can begin to blend CVC words, to make a sentence.  

Within the term we will explore books, re-tell stories together using puppets, role-play and small world equipment. Our writing journey will begin, we will familiarise ourselves with recognising our names, before mark making, which finally leads to copying letters within our names.


This year we will be using the 'Get set for PE' scheme. In the first half term we will be exploring ball skills. During this unit the children will develop their ball skills through the topic of 'minibeasts'. Children will develop fundamental ball skills such as rolling and receiving a ball, throwing to a target, bouncing and catching, dribbling with feet and kicking a ball. Children will be able to develop their fine and gross motor skills through a range of game play using a variety of equipment. Children will be given opportunities to work independently and with a partner.


Within our Maths learning this term we will go on a journey with the Numberblocks characters to count, compare and order numbers. We will secure our one to one correspondence and find one more and one less than a given number. We will look at number bonds within five. In addition, begin to explore 2D shapes through pictures and shape hunts
During the second part of the Autumn term our literacy learning, we will continue to build on our phonics knowledge. With a strong focus on letter formation, segmenting and blending words.   We will write labels, create rhyming strings, design firework poems, and write our names and captions. Within the half term, we will explore the nativity story and re-tell it through narrative. 
Our Autumn 2 Topic is called 'Our Cool World'
Within our Maths learning this term, we will continue on our journey with the Numberblocks characters. We will secure our counting, partitioning and combining skills. The children will have the opportunity to explore odd, even numbers whilst having exposure to doubling and halving. We will explore 3D shapes through presents under the Christmas tree.

During Miss Simmons' PPA time on a Tuesday morning, Miss Diplock will be teaching PSHE and Music.

In PSHE this term, the unit ‘Myself and My Relationships’ will focus on welcoming children to their new class and examines how children and staff can work together to create an inclusive, safe and fair learning environment.

During the first half of the Autumn term, Kapow Primary Music will focus on exploring sound through vocal, body, instrumental, environmental and nature sounds. These lessons are progressive and build on the previous weeks skills.