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Y6 STEM Challenge at Soham Village College

Year 6 STEM Challenge at SVC

On Wednesday 11th October Year 6, Miss Hunt and Mrs Airey visited Soham Village College (SVC) for the STEM Challenge. We travelled by coach and arrived at SVC after the short bus journey. We signed in at Lodeside and made our way over to the Performing Arts Centre (PAC). There was a lot to see on the way and it was great for Year 6 to see a normal school day at the college with the SVC students in their lessons. We were welcomed by Miss Knight from the Technology department and Miss Afford from the Maths department. Our day was filled with different challenges as STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. The first challenge was the Maths round where we had to answer questions in teams and take the answers to the different flags around the auditorium. It was very busy and a race to get as many boarding passes to the different countries as possible. We had break in Beechurst playground and then took part in the Science round which had a focus on forces, balance and momentum. After each round we had to record our findings and make a poster. The staff at SVC were very impressed with our handwriting and presentation, which was fantastic to hear. The Year 8 and 9 STEM helpers had lunch with us in the dining hall and we had the chance for another look around. In the afternoon we had the Technology challenge where we had to design and make a flying machine to send a message home and land ‘closest to Soham’ from Madrid. Our different groups won different awards and we had a great time along the way. A big thank you to Miss Knight, Miss Afford and everyone who made our visit to SVC so fun! We are looking forward to working in partnership with SVC on more projects this year.