If you have any concerns about a child, please do not hesitate to report your concern to one of our Designated Safeguarding leads- Mrs Skillern or Mrs Deacon by emailing head@isleham.cambs.sch.uk or ddeacon@isleham.cambs.sch.uk or telephoning 01638 780336. If you think you or the child is in immediate danger and need urgent help, please call the police on 999. Alternatively, you can contact the local authority safeguarding team directly- if you are not a professional involved with the child or family, you do not have to give your name and your conversation will be treated confidentially. Telephone: 0345 045 5203 (8-6pm Monday to Friday) 01733 234 724 (out of hours) Email: referralcentre.children@cambridgeshire.gov.uk

Meet the Staff

Staffing arrangements from September 2021

Mrs Skillern - Headteacher

Mrs Deacon  - Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Gibbs, Ms Sassoli, Ms Sikyta, Mrs Skillern, Mrs Deacon, Mrs Dennis- Senior Leadership Team

Teaching Staff

Reception  Class

Class Teacher:  Miss Diplock & Ms Barnes-Weston

Teaching Assistants:  Mrs Dray, Mrs Minshull
Year 1
Class Teacher:  Miss Simmons
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Guest
Year 2
Class Teacher:  Miss Stanley & Mr Nichols
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Rayner (HLTA) 
Year 3
Class Teacher:  Mr Walker
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Wright & Mrs Davison
Year 4
Class Teacher:  Ms Bottomley, Ms Sassoli & Mrs Deacon
Teaching Assistants:  Mrs Norbury, Mrs White & Mrs Rayner
Year 5
Class Teacher:  Mrs Gibbs (mat. leave to July 2022), Mrs Stevens-Ward & Ms Eatock
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Dunsmuir, Miss Carter
Year 6
Class Teacher:  Mr Tull
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Dalton-Cole, Mrs Goldsack & Mrs Broyles
Ms Sikyta 

PPA time (teachers' planning, preparation and assessment time) will be covered by Ms Eatock in Key Stage 2, and by Mrs Rayner (HLTA) in Key Stage 1. Mrs Dray will release Reception teaching staff for their PPA time.

Office support staff include
Finance Manager
Mrs Dennis
School Administrator
Mrs Dunbavin 
Lunchtime staff
Lunchtime Coordinator: Mrs Drayton
Lunchtime Supervisors - Mrs Dalton-Cole, Mrs Wright, Mrs Dray, Mrs Goldsack, Mrs White, Mrs Dunsmuir, Mrs Minshull, Mrs Davison, Miss Carter, Mrs Norbury and Mrs Guest 
Caretaking and Cleaning staff
Mr.  Patterson - Caretaker
Mrs Drayton, Mr. Drayton & Mrs Steadman
Breakfast Club staff
Mrs Guest- Breakfast Club coordinator
Mrs Drayton, Mrs White, Mrs Dalton-Cole & Miss Carter- Breakfast Club assistants

 The school's after school care club 'Home from home' is led by Miss Rodwell (JLR PLay CIC)